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Glen Gardner has been involved in the music and entertainment business for the better part of 53 years. His experience ranges from radio and television to being part of a successful band and eventually a solo singer/songwriter. Glen spent 10 years operating Glen Gardner & Associates, a consulting firm with a client roster that included radio companies, band management firms and record labels.

Glen was awarded three gold and platinum records by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for his work on Led Zeppelin, Rob Zombie, Mudvayne, and Sevendust projects.

After retiring in 2019 Glen turned his attention to the nonprofit he formed. The Arizona Live Music Cooperative is dedicated to offering a quality listening room experience to musicians with no TVs over their head and a welcoming nonjudgemental vibe. We recently completed our 145th show and will become a 501c3 charitable organization in 2024.

Glen attended Emerson College in Boston and has a degree from Mt. Mercy University in Public Relations. Glen currently hosts three weekly open mics and is in demand as a solo singer/songwriter, voice over talent and host.

Glen Gardner and Cowboy Wrecks Present

The AZ Live Music Cooperative


The non-profit AZ Live Music Cooperative was formed in 2021 by Glen Gardner and Cowboy Wrecks. This one is all about the music.This is a dedicated listening space with a stage, professional sound, video, and an appreciative audience. Two-song rotation with signup at 4:30p and the music starts at 5:00 each Monday. The AZ Live Music Cooperative is a non-profit venue dedicated to providing a performance space in a listening room environment at Aunt Chilada’s at 7330 N Dreamy Draw Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85020

Glen has worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment